Proton – Not an Option

Up to this point we have been exploring Jackson’s radiation therapy at MSKCC and CHOP.

CHOP offered proton radiation while MSKCC offered only traditional XRT.  In theory, proton radiation offers an advantage in certain situations as it can spare some healthy tissue from radiation vs. traditional XRT.  In Jackson’s case, we would like to spare as much healthly tissue as possible.

Today, it became clear that once again protocols are different and we have another tough decision – we are not just comparing technologies but radiation sites as well.

CHOP/COG’s protocol calls for radiating only the primary tumor site and MIBG avid sites post induction.  Since Jackson’s post induction scans showed no evidence of disease, CHOP would only radiate Jackson’s primary tumor bed.

MSKCC believes that Jackson will benefit from radiating not only the primary tumor bed but the lymph node tumor area in his chest.

Since we have decided to skip the transplant and veer from COG protocol, we decided that the MSKCC route made the most sense.


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