3F8 Round 2 – The Boys are Back in Town

Jackson and I returned to NYC on Sunday night after a full day of playing at the house while Meredith and Cody remained at home to hold down the fort.

We attempted to avoid the 2 hour wait in urgent care by arriving late…but no such luck. We arrived at urgent care around 10pm but didnt’ get transferred up to our room until around midnight…I guess shift change wasn’t the reason for our 2 hour delay last round. Hospital time…uuugghhh.

Round 2 was significantly easier than Round 1 for Jackson (excluding Day 1).
Low points:
– Scary drop in blood pressure during his first day of treatment. Jackson turned very pale and became fairly unresponsive. As a result, the infusion was stopped and he was given an IV bolus to stabilize and improve his blood pressure. Scary thing to watch – please don’t do that again Jackson or I will be in the bed next to you with a heart attack.
– Jackson still experienced a large amount of pain during the treatments. This was pretty well-managed with pain medication and hot packs. We curled up during the worst part of the treatments and despite being in pain, he calmed down fairly quickly. Jackson you are one tough SOB!
High points:
– Jackson generally bounced back from his treatments by 2-4pm each day. After the first day, he was allowed to be taken off of IV fluids and run around untethered until the following morning.
– Jackson playing and playing. He was very fond of tearing apart everything he could get his hands on in the playroom. We also went on lots of rides around the hallway on a fire engine and car.
– Jackson’s guitar solos. On Day 3, Jackson found a wooden guitar in the playroom and decided to do rocking guitar solos in the hallway for everyone who passed by. Jackson is Rock Star. We enjoyed trying to paint the guitar but ended up with more on Jackson and me than the guitar (you can see the paint I couldn’t get off his shirt in the picture below).
– Jackson learned that cookies and ice cream go well together, especially when the cookies are dipped in the ice cream. Perhaps this delicious treat was part of the reason we never got to bed before 11pm each night.

– Jackson found a bag of dried strawberries right before Day 4 began. He enjoyed eating them and smearing red coloring on himself, me, the sheets, and anything else within his reach.

– Jackson learned the phrase “I love you to Daddy” – best words I’ve ever heard. I love you so much buddy!
– Leaving a day early! Round 1 we had to stay until Saturday before we were discharged. Since Jackson has done so well, we were discharged on Friday.
Round 2 done – Fuck You Cancer! Radiation is up next for next week.

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