3F8 Round 1 – Over and Done

Well…we are done with Round 1 of high dose 3F8 and it sucked but we are through it. Jackson handled it well according to the doctors. I’m not sure who it was worse on Jackson or Meredith and I.

Low points:
– Jackson experienced a lot of pain during the treatments. These were mostly managed by giving pain medication and hot packs. The pain often lingered into the evening.
– Jackson experienced some swelling in his face and some internal and external hives which made him itchy and uncomfortable. Most of these side effects were well controlled with Benadryl and Viseral.
– Switching rooms from a private room to a shared room at the last-minute during the last 2 days while Jackson was getting sick sucked. Nothing like no advance notice – just move your stuff in the next 5 minutes…go. The shared room was small but it worked out in the end.

High Points:
– Jackson bounced back from each of the treatments by the following morning (except when I mistook a tummy ache during the night for more pain and gave him some extra medication which kept him drugged for most of the following morning once).
– Jackson was ready to play in the playroom most mornings and enjoyed playing until he had to get started again around noon or 1pm. He really enjoyed a lot of the toys such as the ride on rockets, fire-engines, and cars; play kitchens; and light sabers to name a few.
– The staff was great in trying to add to Jackson’s comfort during the treatment. The most entertaining part was the rhythmic humping of the bed to rock Jackson with yoga type moans.

Overall, it was a bad experience to watch Jackson in pain but he bounced back quickly and he didn’t have any lingering side effects like chemo.

Round 1 Done – Fuck you Cancer!

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