Done and Gone!

Around 5pm today we finished Jackson’s 5th and final round of induction chemotherapy!  ALL DONE!  WE’RE GOING HOME!

Jackson did extremently well during this round.  He kept up his energy and wasn’t overly nauseous throughout the process. His weight is up .1 kg over pre surgery levels though we expect he will lose a few tenths during the next week due to stomach issues related to chemo.   We are super happy about that.  Hoping to pack on some more pounds before stem cell transplant.  Since the end of Round 4 he’s he’s pretty much lost all of his hair again (hair, eye lashes, and eyebrows).  He’s now one smooth operator but still beyond handsome!  Meredith was able to stay with him during the entire stay while I was only able to spend Wed, Fri, and Sat nights at the hospital.

The highlight of this round for me was that the weather finally turned nice and we were able to get outside for some fresh air and Vitamin D from sunshine.  On both Saturday and Sunday, we took Jackson and his IV pole outside to the “healing garden” on the 7th floor of the hospital.  The healing garden is a nice rooftop deck with a walking path, fake stream, and many plants.  Jackson really enjoyed going outside, especially after he found he could throw rocks in the fountain.  Soon after he found that rocks made a nice big splash he decided to test out Meredith’s phone and his hat to compare splashes.  Luckily for Meredith, her Otterbox case saved her iphone.

Other highlights include Jackson practicing his drumming to the Fresh Beat Band on every available cup, plate, and bucket.  Who knew crayons made such good drum sticks?  He has also taken up playing the keyboard on various objects without keys.  Keyboard

However, the best part of the entire weekend was leaving.  When Meredith tried to take a picture on our way out and Jackson just held out his hand and said “No!”  This picture makes me chuckle and smile.

Jackson you are a one of a kind, your strength and good humor along this process continue to amaze me.  We love you so much!

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