When it Rains it Pours…RIP Mom

My mom passed away this morning.  What a couple of crappy weeks!

While we were at Sloan, I received an email from my Dad that my Mom was admitted to the hospital on Saturday April 14, the same time that Jackson was still on a ventilator in the ICU.  At the time, my Mom was having a cough, slurred speech, and trouble swallowing.  They suspected she had another stroke but CT scans did not show that she had a major one.

On Thursday April 19, my Mom developed breathing problems due to fluid in her lungs and they put her on a ventilator.  The fluid in the lungs was believed to be from the contrast medium used in the CT scan.  Plan was to wait to see if the kidney could recover on their own.  My sister returned to MD while I hung out with Meredith and Jackson at Sloan for Round 4 of chemo.

On Friday April 20, it became clear that my Mom’s quality of life would be severly impacted if and when she came off the breathing tube due to the stroke.  Things seemed stable though and I made plans to come down once I got Jackson settled at home.

Jackson returned home on Saturday at about 1 in the morning.  On Sunday, I decided to head down to MD Monday after Meredith went to her OB appointment and Jackson went to clinic.  However, after finally returning from clinic, it was late and things seemed stable so I decided to grab the first train out in the morning.  My sister called around 9:30pm that night and told me things were not going well at the hospital for my Mom.  However, they gave her some medication and she seemed to stabilize.

On Tuesday, I hopped aboard the 7:51 train to BWI out of Stamford.  The plan was to get in at 11:21 and meet my brother in law and drive over to the hospital.  A few hours into my ride, my sister called to tell me that the hospital had called around 9:30am and told my Dad that my mom was having trouble again.  My sister and Dad headed back to the hospital.  I said a few prayers and crossed my fingers that she would hold on until I arrived.  I arrived on time, Marty met me at the station, and 5 minutes into our drive my sister called me to tell me that my mother had passed.

I’m still upset that I didn’t get to be with her during her final time on earth, however I find some solace in the fact that she went peacefully and never regained conscious during her exit from the world.  I think my Mom decided to do one last favor for our family on her way out by not making us make the decision to take her off life support.  Her kindness and generosity truly lasted untl the end!

I will miss you mom!  Your kind heart and generous spirit will be missed!  I love you!  Rest in peace and put a few good words in with the big man for Jackson!


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