Whoops You’re Not Done Yet…

You’re done…no just kidding.

Today was the last day of Jackson’s two week hospital stay and we were all looking forward to returning home.

Jackson finished his chemo infusion (or so we thought) in the afternoon and we all excitedly left the hospital to grab our things at the Ronald McDonald House and finally head home.  However after dragging our luggage to the lobby, checking out, and getting our car, my phone rang.  It was one of our nurses from Sloan.  She informed us that Jackson’s chemo pump had malfunctioned and there were still some drugs he had not received.  Change of plans…back to the hospital for a few more hours of infustion.  We were all pretty disappointed to have to return but atleast they caught the mistake and we weren’t too far away.

After arriving back at Sloan, we were assigned to a new room and we waited for the pharmacy to put together a new bag for Jackson’s leftover drugs.  While waiting, I went down to grab some dinner and on my way back I saw a Mister Softee truck.  Jackson had never had this fantastic ice cream so I grabbed a cone and headed back upstairs.  Jackson still didn’t have much an appetite at this point, but when he tasted Mister Softee that all changed.  He seemed to really enjoy his chocolate dipped top twist cone…one of my favorites as well.  A small consolation prize for having to return to the hospital.

Once Jackson finally started his drip, we all laid down for a few hours and waited.  Around 12:30am, the drugs were done and we hit the road, this time for real.  1:30am – we were home…FINALLY!

After a long stressful two weeks it is sure nice to have everyone back in our house!  We’re proud of you Jackson…you’re strength and courage are an inspiration to us all.

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