Round 4 Begins

Only a week after surgery and Jackson is ready for Round 4 of chemo.  It’s still amazing to me that after all his little body has gone through that the doctors are OK with starting chemo so soon…but this is standard protocol and he has recovered nicely from surgery.

We started in the afternoon on Wednesday and should finish up in 72 hours – estimated time of departure Saturday afternoon.  Saturday can’t get here quick enough!

This round went as planned.  Some of the highlights from this round:

  • Going for walks, car rides, and wagon rides around the floor
  • Blowing and popping bubbles
  • Playing with blocks and legos in the bed and on the floor
  • Playing and drawing in the playroom and hospital room (Meredith and I arguing over who could draw a better Mickey Mouse)
  • Practicing drumming on plates and other products
  • Jackson finding a light saber in the playroom and attacking a doll house with it while yelling “Hi Yaah”
  • Friday night movie night and candy cart (Jackson was very excited that his favorite movie “Tangled” was playing on the TV
  • Patsy’s pizza party with contraband beer (Jackson’s face lit up when he saw me bring in the pizza box on Friday night.  He was saying “eatzy, eatzy” as soon as he saw the box.  Despite not having much of an appetite for the last few days, he managed to scarf down a few pieces)

One thing this experience has really taught me is to enjoy life’s little moments.  I love you Jackson, you continue to amaze me everyday!

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