Waiting Game

We got transferred from Sloan’s operating room to NY Presbyterians Pediatric ICU for Jacksons recovery on Wednesday evening. So far its been a bumpy ride. Hopefully the rest of the journey will go a little smoother.  Atleast the view is good.

On Wednesday evening, the doctors told us they would likely take Jackson off the ventilator in the morning.

On Thursday, the doctors decided he looked a little swelled up and they would try in the afternoon. In the afternoon, they were still concerned and said wait until the morning. Jackson ran various breathing and blood gas tests during the night and everything came back great.

On Friday morning, Jackson got another “no-go” after the doctors reviewed his overnight x-ray which looked “wet”. Afternoon was the new target. Jackson was put on some more lasik, taken off sedatives and pain meds, and we poked and prodded to wake him up. After finally getting him awake, he was pissed off, in pain, and gagging on the tube. However, a new doctor showed up and decided that his stomach was still too swelled up. Another “no-go” and back on sedatives. Really frustrating experience that could have been avoided with better communication from the doctors – no mention of a concern regarding his stomach earlier.

So…on to Saturday. After some more lasik overnight, Jacksons breathing tube was finally removed in the morning. Throughout the day, he was put on a variety of equipment to help him breath. He was first put on a low flow support, then a high flow support, and finally a C-pap machine. Each machine was successively worse from Jackson’s perspective. The C-pap was described as putting your head out the window of a car going 60mph…clearly not fun. To make matters worse, Jackson had only a shared nurse at night who only spent 1.5 hours out of a 12 hour shift with Jackson, was a complete bitch, and unresponsive the remaining time. Needless to say, with a pissed off kid forced to wear a c-pap mask, we did not get much sleep!

So now its Sunday and we continue to wait. Jackson’s doing great, just taking awhile longer than anticipated.


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