Today was a good day! 50% off…that’s a good deal!

Jackson has been running a fairly high fever all week. As a result, they decided to do a CT scan last night to make sure they didn’t see any infections in his chest and abdomen. The added bonus was a chance to check out what damage the chemo has been doing to Jackson’s tumor.

The doctors gave us the results from the CT scans this afternoon. No infections found and the chemo has reduced both the tumor on Jackson’s adrenal gland and on his lymph node by over 50%. The tumor is no longer on top of the kidney or obstructing the stomach.

One more round of chemo to shrink it some more and then surgery to remove it. Unclear if he will need a second surgery to remove the growth on the lymph node. We will reassess this issue with the doctors at Sloan.

The other great news is that Jackson’s white blood cell count has rebounded nicely. As a result, he will stay in the hospital tonight and have his stem cell harvest tomorrow. No need to come back to the hospital until next Friday when Round 3 of chemo will begin. Will be great to get a week at home!

Some solid cancer ass kicking progress is being made by our warrior! Today was a good day!


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