Another Rocking Saturday Night at Yale

Well…just like clockwork, Jackson’s fever spiked back up today (approximately 7 days after the start of his last round of chemo).  As a result, we headed back to Yale.

We got checked in and had a pizza party in the ER holding room.  Jackson has determined the best way to eat pizza is to pick up each piece and have a small sample to make sure he is not missing anything by only eating one piece.  It’s pretty funny to watch.

After spreading pizza sauce around the ER and receiving several chuckles and comments on his “Fuck You Cancer” shirt, we headed up to the pediatric floor to settle in for the evening.  His fever started to go down after receiving some Tylenol and by 11:30pm Jackson was ready to party.

We have to stay at Yale until his fever goes away and his numbers recover – looking like Thursday at the earliest.

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